Never use Shop USA Ship International!

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I am originally from the US, but I currently live in Germany.I was tired of only ever being able to find skinny jeans in stores, so I used Shop USA Ship International to order some trouser cut jeans from Anne Taylor Loft.

I paid over 90€ for the pants and, not only did the company NEVER SHIP them to me, they never answered any of my e-mails asking them to help me.

If you are an expat living abroad, or if you would like to order products from the US, please NEVER USE THIS SITE ( may get ripped off like I did.

PS -- I also filed an official complaint with the Better Business Bureau about this company.

Review about: Online Order.



I'm afraid I was also tricked by this thief.

I'm thinking about informing the police. But this is not easy if you don't live in the same city (I live in The Netherlands).

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